Join a global citizen-led community tackling climate change in the Ocean


We are a DAO-based platform that facilitates fundraising for our Operating Partners, who are true ocean-blue ‘Captain Planets’ engaged in reversing the impact of climate change on fragile coral reefs and coastal communities in the Coral Triangle.

Deep 6 means to destroy or dispose of something overboard

The planet releases 40 gigaton of carbon dioxide (C02) every year. We need to remove as much as 10 gigaton of CO2 per year by 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Carbon removal rebalances the Earth’s carbon cycle by achieving net negative emissions and sequestering CO2 durably.

The Ocean plays a crucial role in taking up CO2 from the atmosphere. It absorbs 2.9 gigaton of carbon every year.

Our solution to removing CO2 lies in “deep six-ing carbon” IRRETRIEVABLY and benignly in the Ocean.

Coral reefs in the Coral Triangle are dying

Corals absorb 9 megaton of CO2 (as CaCO3) every year. They simply cannot cope with that much carbon which is why they are DYING OFFat catastrophic rates.CO2 raises water temperature and changes the ocean’s pH balance to make it more acidic and toxic to marine ecosystems.

25% of marine life calls the coral reef home

1 BILLION people depend on coral reefs for their livelihood and sustenance

$9.9 TRILLION annual global value of coral reef services provided to humanity

Coral reefs in the Coral Triangle are dying

Corals absorb 9 megaton of CO2 (as CaCO3) every year. They simply cannot cope with that much carbon which is why they are DYING OFFat catastrophic rates.CO2 raises water temperature and changes the ocean’s pH balance to make it more acidic and toxic to marine ecosystems.

93,000 MILES of shoreline in 100 countries are protected by reefs

50% of coral reefs have already been lost

90% of coral reefs are projected to be extinct by 2030

Coral reefs in the Coral Triangle are dying

The Coral Triangle is a marine area named for its staggering number of corals.

Solutions scaled up over this vast area can reverse the impact of climate change on fragile coral reefs and coastal communities at a gigaton scale.

There is no single ‘magic bullet’ to save the Triangle’s coral reefs

Many of our Operating Partners are engaged in area-based conservation in the Coral Triangle. Others are based internationally on technology solutions that can be applied in the Triangle.

They are vetted on their commitment and ability to achieve tangible results and generate potential revenue from four key themes that combine to form a sustainable financial strategy.

There is no single ‘magic bullet’ to save the Triangle’s coral reefs


Coral reefs need to be protected from further loss and degradation. Creating marine protected areas are the most effective conservation ‘tool’.


Coastal societies need to find alternative livelihoods and limit their dependence on coral reefs and related ecosystems.

There is no single ‘magic bullet’ to save the Triangle’s coral reefs


Coral reefs need help to recover from severe degradation. Innovative techniques are proving to be successful and include technology to restore coral at scale.


Coral reefs and dependant communities need to build resilience so they can recover from major shocks, e.g. natural disasters, which can lead to a return to unsustainable practices.



This is our initial selection of Operating Partners. Click on their logo to find out more about them.

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For Good

We are taking a radical approach to
fundraising with Cryptocurrency & NFT

We promote the benefits of “blockchain for good” using cryptocurrency and NFT to enable Operating Partners to connect directly with a global community of donors who understand that eco-friendly innovation is changing crypto.

Funding required for coral reef protection needs to increase by 7x the current level to be effective.

Very little funding trickles down to smaller-scale initiatives, like our Operating Partners who find it hard to fund their projects. They would like to develop revenue generating projects like ecotourism so they can be self funding.

Some Operating Partners use personal bank accounts to receive donations which puts off donors. Blockchain guarantees transparency, the flow of funding is tracked and verified throughout. The chances of manipulating funds are minimal.

Banking transactions conducted via blockchain are ‘frictionless’, they reduce intermediaries in finance so more of the donation goes to people that can use it wisely.

NFT sales, one of our funding options, leverage social media to gain momentum for fundraising efforts by reaching out to investors, enthusiasts and influencers far beyond the usual reach of Operating Partners.

Participate &

We encourage interaction
between our communities

We will maximize impact and facilitate transformative change by creating a community of donors, investors and funding recipients that enables everyone involved to PARTICIPATE in breakthrough decisions about climate change and PROFIT from their involvement.


Release white paper and launch password protected website for Operational Partners.

Form DAO and appoint DAO Guardians who will confirm our first ten operational partner projects.

Complete NFT design and development requirements.

Start socials for whitelisting, open our DISCORD channel.

Limited marketing to whales and selected investors.

Design and develop NFT Investor website.


Launch NFT Investor website and commence pre-sales mint. Financial, technical and operational partners will be invited to the pre-sales mint.

Build investor community. Whitelisted investors receive regular mail drops and will be able to mint their NFT prior to the public sale.

Minting takes place on NFT Investor website. 24hrs after our pre-sale. Our team will monitor the market to ensure we release at a time that is beneficial to investors.


Open eggs (up to a month after the mints).

Selection and voting for the next ten Operational Partner projects. NFT Investors interact with the DAO Guardians on our DISCORD channel to make the selection and voting takes place.

Build real world utility: our partners will develop a range of semi-fungible tokens that offer investors real and virtual world experiences and entertainment, connected to coral reef conservation.


Aquaculture Development for the Environment

Sector: Technology
Location: California, USA

Finds, funds, and grows teams to catalyze a world where humanity is a net positive to nature. Backs early-stage companies that use disruptive deep tech to upend the unit economics of established industries while dramatically reducing their planetary footprint. Looks for companies pioneering new industries that are actively regenerative to planetary health. Companies must have significant potential to be scalable.

Aquaculture Development for the Environment

Sectors: Area-based conservation & Aquaculture
Location: Fiji

Protects, restores and manages coral reefs. ADE funds training and capacity building for community reef restoration projects to enable them to become self-funding. Develops Aquaculture and Mariculture programs with rural communities through training and economic support.


Sector: Aquaculture
Location: Indonesia

A world-leader in renewable aquaculture that gives back to the ocean and takes nothing from it. Farms fish and other marine life for aquariums, food security, and conservation. Purchasing aquacultured marine species ensures long-term jobs in remote locations and directly contributes to reducing collection from the wild.

Coral Triangle Conservancy

Sector: Area-based conservation, Coral Restoration & Ecotourism
Location: Philippines

Protects, restores and manages coral reefs. The Conservancy’s pilot program is BANUA, a marine monitoring station on an island in Palawan, built in partnership with the island’s community.

BANUA uses renewable energy technology to regenerate the marine ecosystem.

Earthrace Conservation

Sector: Area-based protection
Location: Philippines

Conduct conservation missions around the world. Worked with Costa Rican Minister of Environment to assist rangers with marine and jungle patrols. Seek to extend this conservation model to national park management on land and sea via our new Earthrace-2. Campaigns also target wildlife smugglers and poachers, illegal logging and illegal fishing.

Gili Eco Trust

Sector: Area-based conservation, Coral Restoration, Waste Management and Ecotourism
Location: Indonesia

Protects, restores and manages coral reefs in the Gili islands.

Also involved in waste management and sustainable eco-tourism. Other projects include: working horse healthcare clinics and educational workshops for children, tourists and hospitality staff.

Beyond The Horizon

Sector: Creative services
Location: Philippines

James Capria is a film director developing a film called ‘Beyond The Horizon that tells the story of how a fishing community suffering from poverty and the effects of climate change can regain control of their destiny to shape a new future. They are helped by a scientific team that trains them to build a renewable energy infrastructure that enables regeneration and a sustainable livelihood.


Sector: Renewable energy & Technology
Location: Singapore/UK

Oceantera has expertise in utilisation and commercialisation of marine renewable energy resources. Oceantera specialises in the application of hybrid systems and other emerging technologies. OceanPixel and Aquatera are key services providers to Oceantera and its partners.

Plankton Productions

Sector: Media production and creative services
Location: Australia

Underwater cinematography, specialist stock-footage, media production and creative services company. The company is committed to producing programs that showcase the enduring splendour of marine ecosystems facing rapid environmental degradation due to climate change.


Sector: Aquaculture
Location: Philippines

Regenerative aquaculture.

Reefs for Life

Sector: Area based conservation & Coral restoration
Location: Philippines

Protects, restores and manages coral reefs. Brings cutting edge reef building technology to the communities that live near the coral reefs and has created a synergy that is spreading to other communities and reefs.

Scandi Divers

Sector: Coral restoration
Location: Philippines

Product development of devices and bile salts used for the removal of Crown of Thorns Starfish that attack coral reefs.