There are three ways
you can get involved.

Fund us

Donate to any one or all of our Operating Partners via our digital wallet. Contact us if you would like to donate now.

Invest in DEEP 6 NFT

Our NFT are a rare and desirable investment.

66% of funds from their sale go to Operating partner projects. 33% funds DEEP 6 CARBON platform development. 10% of each NFT resale funds real world utility for investors.

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Support us

The DEEP 6 CARBON DAO facilitates involvement and interaction between our donor, investor and partner communities.

Proceeds from the purchase of NFTs will be placed in the DAO’s treasury.

DAO Guardians will select Operating Partners and distribute funds from the treasury through grants and interest-free loans. 

Donors and NFT investors automatically join the DAO and can vote with the Guardians on funding decisions.

Donors and investors are encouraged to contact Operating Partners directly through the DAO if they are inspired by their work