DEEP 6 NFT are a rare, desirable investment.

Each NFT is a unique piece of multi-media art that features a marine species found in coral reefs. Many NFT will be animated, others will also be sonic so you can listen to the eerie cry of as Sooty Tern. All will come with descriptions of each organism and their Latin names.

10,000 NFT will be minted and categorised by the rarity of each species. Only 75 ‘legendary’ eggs will hatch.

Benefits of investment dive beyond a savvy way to make money.

NFT reflect who you are, your ethos, your values. You are part of a community that share your passions. Ownership confers access to airdrops and discounts on a range of semi-fungible tokens that offer real world experiences and entertainment. Investors can visit our Operating Partners and learn about real coral reefs under restoration.

They can deepen investors enjoyment of coral reef ecosystems in the virtual world too because they are linked via Earth 2 to a real coral reef that is under restoration.

Our whitelist is a guaranteed opportunity to participate in the mint.

There are two ways for investors to be whitelisted.

They can donate to get on the whitelist, proceeds go to a selected operational partner. Or, they can invite three friends to our DISCORD channel and complete are series of tasks. DISCORD channel members know they are whitelisted when they receive the additional @whitelisted role and their names turn green in DISCORD.